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The fallen era
is rising again
Grand opening on 28th of June
Opening BETA test:
9th of June

L2Era livestream:

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Grand opening DECIDED

28 June 2017

After a long time of deciding and considering we have finally decided to open our gates on Wednesday 28th of June 2017 20:00 GMT+1. We are looking forward to you!


9 June 2017

The OPEN BETA SERVER have the gates to the entire community on Friday 9th of June 2017 at 20:00 GMT+1. We would like you to test everything before we start server live. Bring your friends and test everything inside.

Lineage 2 ERA features



  • quest rate - 1-3x drop 1x reward
  • RB drop - 5x
  • safe enchant - +4
  • max enchant - +12
  • olympiad max enchant +6
  • elem. stone - 50%
  • elem. crystals - 40%
  • 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration)
  • 12 dance and songs slots
  • max 3 clients per PC

Class transfers, GM shop, buffer

  • free class transfer
  • GM shop up to S grade
  • ALT+B buffer

Heroes, sieges, TWs

  • heroes every saturday
  • sieges every weekend
  • territory wars every weekend
  • auto events every one hour

Protection against botting

  • SGuard(L2-Scripts) blocks cheating, bots and abusive players
  • also .report command ingame

How to easily connect

In order to connect to the L2Era server, please follow these steps.


Direct download


Mirror #1
Mirror #2
Mirror #3
Mirror #4

3. Delete your old system from Lineage 2 Directory
(Default directory is C:/Program Files/NCSoft/Lineage II)
4. Place our system or extract it in the same Lineage 2 Directory!
5. Accounts are registered automaticaly, just write your account and login.
6. Start the Game From the updater or run l2.exe if you use our system!

7. Have fun playing on Lineage II L2Era!

Before your try logging on L2Era server make sure you have uninstalled and deleted ALL your 3rd party programs/bots etc. otherwise the system will autoban your HWID and you will not be able to play on our server.